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Alberta waterfowl hunting; goose hunts & duck hunts in Alberta Canada. We also offer whitetail deer hunting and coyote hunting for our hunters who enjoy hunting big game and preditors.

Our waterfowl hunts take place in the heart of western Canada's central flyway, VNO offers 3 day duck hunts and goose hunts for a range of local and migrating waterfowl including Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Speckle Bellied, Ross' Geese and Mallard & Pintail Ducks. During your waterfowl hunt, you will experience a variety of field or water shoots on the high density of resident birds.

Whitetail Deer hunters will hunt by bow or rifle. Our archery whitetail hunts take place in central Alberta bordering the famed Edmonton Bow Zone. Bowhunters enjoy early season opportunity while the deer are still in relaxed summer feeding routines and entering the pre-rut phase. Our rifle whitetail deer hunting is during the rut. Hhunters are presented with an outstanding opportunity for traveling bucks as we focus on resident doe groups in key rutting areas. 

Coyote hunting is generally fast-paced with lots of action throughout the cold winter months of December through March.  There is an extremely high population of coyotes in our hunting area with no limits on the number of coyotes you can harvest. This is a proactive coyote hunt with plenty of calling and lots of coyote activity. Coyote hunting typically produces 100% opportunity with variable shot opportunities daily.

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